Patrol Force is ready to protect your business with our extensive professional security services.

security guard and patrol services

Our services include:

  • Patrol
  • Investigation
  • Crowd control
  • Loss prevention
  • High-rise security
  • Maritime security
  • Central station surveillance
  • and more.


Both government and commercial organizations select Patrol Force to help secure their facilities and protect the people who use them. Our security services offer a combination of 15 years’ experience with the most innovative technologies and thorough methods available. We can provide your business with a comprehensive security solution tailored to any sized company and any type of situation, nationwide.

Patrol Force is a Security Services company and we take great pride in our proven track record of providing clients with the confidence of being completely secure and protected. We have grown through the years by continually improving our methods with the latest technology and staying one step ahead of the bad guys.

professional patrol and security guard


Patrol Force’s highly trained teams know what it takes to protect a government facility, and are equipped with the experience, expertise, and resources to provide impenetrable protection.

patrol guard


Our proactive and flexible management approach is dedicated to satisfying your commercial security services needs in the most cost efficient and effective manner possible.

patrol service


The training programs at Patrol Force are led by the best of the best in the security industry. Our expert trainers have years of hands-on experience and possess the knowledge and foresight to prevent a catastrophe before it happens.

maritime security


Patrol Force uses the latest and most cutting edge security tools: a patrolling software for security personnel and the best guard system in the industry today, leaving you more secure and in control.


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