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Sometimes, the threat of violent or deadly intentions is present at an event, while innocent participants are unaware of the potential danger. In this unfortunate scenario, somebody needs to be prepared, armed, and ready. 

And being ready means being fully armed and trained to meet head on with the challenges of a volatile situation. That’s when you need Patrol Force’s armed guard services .

Patrol Force is one of the leading armed security guard compan ies focused on one purpose: keeping you safe at any cost. 

All our armed security officers are vetted through the strictest process, they have passed a deeply detailed and extensive background screening and application process, and they have completed our comprehensive and rigorous three-part training program.

Background and Training Process

At Patrol Force, our armed security officers must possess a certain amount of experience and education, necessary requirements that are determined through our thorough vetting process. When you use Patrol Force for your armed security needs, you know that you’re being protected by the most qualified and highly trained security guards in the industry, fully licensed to carry weapons, and committed to providing you with the most complete protection possible.

Patrol Force goes well beyond the application, background screening, and training process to ensure our guards are well prepared. Before we send our armed security guards on an assignment, they are put through an extensive four to eight-hour, pre-assignment training process to make them fully aware of the parameters surrounding the assignment. Patrol Force guards will know all about the location, who will be present, and exactly how to handle potential situations, should they occur.

Services Customized to Your Needs

It doesn’t matter how large or small an event or organization is that needs armed guard services. Patrol Force will provide you with precisely the security you need and more. Our guards have been trained to anticipate potentially dangerous situations and take preventative steps to providing smooth, seamless, and uneventful security. 

Patrol Force takes great pride in building and maintaining long-standing relationships with clients needing security services, and we will work with you to deliver a secure environment, tailored to your needs.

Patrol Force understands the importance of security and protection surrounding your organization. Using roving patrols, grounds inspections, and the latest technology in communications and weaponry, we minimize risks and maximize safety. 

When you want a fully secure situation and complete peace of mind from knowing you have hired the best armed security services in the industry, call Patrol Force Security Services at (888) 533-6723, and sleep better tonight.


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