Not all situations warrant the need for armed protection and security. Often, the presence of an unarmed security guard is enough to deter criminal activity and ensure the safety of people and the premises. 

Patrol Force offers unarmed  Security Services for a competitive price. Our guards are uniformed and professional and receive the highest training available .

What are Good Situations to Consider Unarmed Security Services?

Any medium-sized to large gathering of people could warrant the need of unarmed security services. Our security guards are present to observe the surroundings and check for dangerous situations. They are also able to notify of any suspicious or criminal activities and overall ensure the safety of your guests.
Common events include:
✔ Large private gatherings such as holiday parties
✔ Work parties and events
✔ Special events like fundraisers, galas, and entertainment venues
✔ Town Halls, rallies, and sporting events

Unarmed Does Not Mean Unskilled

At Patrol Force, our unarmed security guards receive the same high-quality training as any other guard. We conduct a rigorous background check and thorough onboarding process. Our guards also receive specialized training pertaining to your property, facility and event prior to arriving for duty. All our services use the most modern technology to ensure you receive the best security protection.

If you are looking for professional companies providing unarmed security guards for public events or personal protection, call Patrol Force Security Services at (888) 533-6723