A high rise building with its many floors and many people is a catalyst for error and accidents. High rise security services are an important part of keeping a building safe. Patrol Force offers customizable security programs to meet your building’s unique needs, layout and the surrounding area.

In some situations, it may seem that a security guard on the ground floor is sufficient for a high-rise building. This may be true in a residential situation.

In other situations where you have multiple business tenants, and multiple entering and leaving at all hours, this level of security is not sufficient.


Here are special considerations for high rise building security.

Building layout

Because a high-rise building is expansive vertically, security guards much approach the area from a different perspective. Generally, there is only one or two ways into and out of the building which makes emergencies, such as a fire, more difficult to handle. Patrol Force guards are trained to manage the unique needs of a high-rise building.


The location of a high-rise building can play a big factor in security needs. For example, a building located in a busy downtown environment is susceptible to higher criminal activity, higher personnel and people traffic, and therefore higher chances of accidents and other emergencies.


In a commercial high-rise building the technology used by tenants for fire alarms, smoke alarms and other alerts may be the same and work efficiently. In a residential situation, often the tenants install their own systems and not all systems work the same or as effectively. Having a strong security patrol service means quick and early attention to these types of issues, that if unattended could lead to serious damage.

When we help develop your security program, we take all these factors into consideration, so you receive the exact services you need. Call Patrol Force Security Services at (888) 533-6723 to learn more about our high rise security services.


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